Preview Images In Windows Right Click Menu With FastPreview

FastPreview is a right-click enhancement software which displays a thumbnail preview of images inside Windows context menu. Clicking on the thumbnail preview opens the image in FastPreview viewer and is automatically scaled to fit your screen. FastPreview support more than 30 image formats and adds a new tab in image properties, which displays EXIF, ITPC and XMP information.

Encrypt And Save Your Notes To The Cloud With KNote

KNote is an advanced and secure note taking application that allows creating encrypted notes with images, videos, text, etc and provides the utility to publish it over the KNote website to be accessed by a given URL. Content can be saved to a note via simple drag and drop which makes it easy to save data in note form.

How To Download & Upload Audio, Video Files From Windows Home Server 2011

In this post I will tell you how to download your shared folder content using Remote Web Access. Note: you will required a computer that is already connected to the Home Server, to see how to connect your system to the  Home Server, check out the post:  How To Connect A Computer (PC or Mac) To Windows Home Server 2011.

Save Images From New Facebook Theatre Mode In Chrome With Facebook Images Catcher

The new Facebook theater mode has left a lot of users stranded to deal with the numerous complications that it has brought. Facebook has always been criticized for making random and unprecedented changes that users find difficult to adapt to. One of the problems that the new theater mode has brought, is the inability to save images from Facebook albums. However, this problem can be resolved with the help of Continue Reading →