Save Images From New Facebook Theatre Mode In Chrome With Facebook Images Catcher

The new Facebook theater mode has left a lot of users stranded to deal with the numerous complications that it has brought. Facebook has always been criticized for making random and unprecedented changes that users find difficult to adapt to. One of the problems that the new theater mode has brought, is the inability to save images from Facebook albums. However, this problem can be resolved with the help of Facebook Images Catcher. It is a Chrome extension that enables saving images from Facebook theatre mode.

To save an image from a Facebook profile, right click on the image and select Facebook Image Catcher from right-click context menu. This will save the image to your default download location (such as the Downloads folder in My Documents in Windows). That’s all you need to do, to save pictures from any Facebook profile, fan page or album.

Image Catcher

You can grab Facebook Image Catcher extension for Google Chrome from the Chrome Web store link given below.

Get Facebook Images Catcher Extension for Chrome