Make Remote Administration Of Network Computers Easy With Desktop Central


Remote administration has become an important part of daily administration tasks for system and network administrators. Desktop Central is a free Windows tool that makes Windows Administration easier on a day-to-day basis. It has 12 tools, which  provide remote management of systems, wake on LAN options, remote command prompt, GPO (Group Policy) update, hard disk space detection, power monitoring for portable computers on the network (such as laptops), etc.

iptux Is An Open Source LAN Messenger For Ubuntu Linux


A LAN messenger has the advantage of privacy of conversation over a Local Area Network. When discussing corporate secrets or working on a project, it is always good to use an internal messenger instead of relying on internet related messengers which may pose the risk of leaking chat conversations in case a users chat history is compromised. iptux is an IP based LAN messenger client for Ubuntu Linux. With iptux, Continue Reading →