Get Touch Screen BIOS For GIGABYTE Z-68 Motherboards

GIGABYTE Touch BIOS is a free software developed by the GIGABYTE manufacturers for their z-68 motherboards. It is a GUI based software which allows easily configuring BIOS from within the native operating system (such as Windows) . You can either configure your BIOS setting using the mouse or by Touch Screen functionality. It even provides a screenshot button for taking a quick screenshot of any part of the BIOS. You Continue Reading →

How To Get Ubuntu Hardware Information Without Opening Your Computer

Hardware information can be quite hard to obtain for certain components of the system. Nonetheless, having the knowledge about what hardware your computer has can be helpful in avoiding system issues by verifying minimum system requirements for games, applications and other software before installing it. dmidecode is a tool that provides  detailed description of  an Ubuntu system’s hardware, along with other important information such as firmware details and serial numbers. Continue Reading →

Monitor Temperature Of System & Components In Ubuntu With Psensor

System heat up can lead to a number of issues such as damage to computer components and performance problems. Overheating can be caused due to several reasons, including a faulty fan (system supply), wiring issues and blockage of computer’s ventilation ducts. Psensor is a graphical system temperature monitor for Ubuntu and Debian Linux, which displays the temperature of the motherboard, CPU sensors, hard drive and the speed of the fan. Continue Reading →

How To Find Out Hard Disk CPU & Motherboard Temperature, As Well As Serial Numbers

In a previous post I explained How to Find Out Your RAM Slots and other system specifications without opening your PC. In this post I will explain the utility of Speccy, it is an advanced system information and monitoring tool which provides detailed hardware information including the temperature of your CPU,Hard Disk andMotherboard, component’s manufacturer name, model, etc. This portable software is quite useful for monitoring system temperature and to Continue Reading →

Find Out Your RAM Slots And Other System Specifications Without Opening Your PC


When considering system upgradation such as increasing the RAM of your computer, one may come across several questions, including the number of available RAM slots, compatible hard disk type that can be used with your system, etc. To obtain this information one may resort to opening the computer which can lead to a damaged casing and voiding the manufacturers warranty. In this post I will tell you how to find Continue Reading →