Get Google Books Lens For Search Books From Ubuntu Unity Launcher

I recently reviewed the Gwibber Lens for the Ubuntu Unity Launcher. Google Books Lens is another Unity Launcher Lens for Google Books users, which allows easily searching for books, authors and topics via Google Books. Post Update: This lens has not been very functional and it is advised that users should avoid using it, since it is unlikely to work for most users.

Search & Add PPA Easily With Application Name Using Y PPA Manager

Personal Package Archives (PPA) are widely used to easily download and install software in Ubuntu. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult for some users to understand this process and search for desired PPAs. Y PPA Manager is a simple tool which allows adding, deleting and purging PPAs easily. You can also search and install PPA from Launchpad repositories by entering application name. To check out the conventional method of Continue Reading →

Extract Audio From Video & Convert Audio Files In Linux With Gnac

Gnac is a lightweight Linux based audio converter which supports conversion between WAV, Ogg, Flac, Mp3, Mp4a and SPX Format. Other than being a lightning fast audio converter, it also allows extracting audio from video files. Gnac can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this post. It has packages available for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Open Suse, Arch Linux and other distributions.

How To Update To VLC 1.1.10, Pidgin2.8, Filezilla, etc In Ubuntu

PPA for many new packages is often not updated shortly after their release which makes it hard to update existing installations. If you would like to update VLC to 1.1.10 or Pidgin to 2.8.0 in Ubuntu Linux, then see the below details regarding the recently provided Get Deb package. This package will allow you to update your existing installations of VLC, Pidgin, FIlezilla, Unetbootin and others. Information regarding this update Continue Reading →

How To Encrypt Dropbox Files In Ubuntu & Other Linux Versions, ENCFS

ENCFS is an open source software which delivers an encrypted file system in a user space. It does not require any special permissions and uses the FUSE library and Linux kernel to provide a file system interface. ENCFS can also be used to encrypt Dropbox files in Ubuntu and other version of Linux. This might be particularly useful as Dropbox does not encrypt files on its own. In this post Continue Reading →

Cardapio Ubuntu Classic Menu Style Launcher For Ubuntu & Debian

Cardapio is a Ubuntu & Debian main menu launcher which can be used with the Unity Launcher . Other than looking like a horizontal classic menu, it also provides search functionality for files and folders like the Unity Dash., provided Tracker application is installed. Cardapio can be a good  alternative to Unity Launcher features as it is more convenient to use. It can also be used as an applet and Continue Reading →

Start, Stop Ubuntu & Debian Services, Scripts With Boot Up Manager

A good tool to configure and customize Ubuntu boot options is Super Boot Manager. However, it does not allow managing Services and scripts. Boot Up Manager, is a Perl-Gtk2 application for Ubuntu and Debian Linux, which allows easily activating and deactivating operating system Services and scripts. This eliminates the need to configure complex backend options and allows shutting down resource hogging services with convenience.

Get Weather Information & Forecast In Ubuntu With My Weather Indicator

Recently I covered Forecaster and WinThunder which are Windows applications for obtaining weather information from the system tray. My Weather Indicator is a similar tool for Ubuntu users which displays detailed weather information and a four day forecast of a selected city. Other than current temperature, it also shows  dew point, wind information, sunrise and sunset time, periodic prompts for weather condition changes and moon info.

Sunflower Is A Dual Pane File Explorer For Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat & Fedora Linux

Sunflower is an open source dual pane file manager for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and Fedora Linux. Obviously it probably also works with other Linux based operating systems, but I am naming these two specifically due to the available distribution packages that I found. This small, yet highly customizable file manager comes with a number of handy hotkeys and can be further enhanced by installing plugins. Sunflower can be quite handy Continue Reading →