7 Best Apps to Perform a Background Check

A background check is your best option to find out about someone’s past activities. It can show you the criminal activities, educational background, and employment history of an individual. However, applying for someone’s background is a lengthy process. Also, you need to provide a valid reason for that.

That is why we found the best online background check services that will do it within a few minutes. You won’t even need to create an account on the first solution in our list. Also, most of them are free to use and provide reliable information from credible sources.

So, let’s start with the first and the most popular platform to perform a background check.

  • CocoFinder (Editor’s Choice)

CocoFinder is an online tool to find public information without submitting any application to the information center. It has dozens of features that let you find details of a person, business, phone number, address, or email address. Thus, you can not find a better option than CocoFinder to continue your search.

It is a web-based solution and you can access it from any smartphone or laptop. All the services are available for the visitors as there is no need to register on the platform. Also, you can check out its other tools to get the required information.

We recommend visiting its website to learn more about its features.

How to Perform Background Check With CocoFinder

The background Check feature is available on the homepage of this platform. Click on the background Check button and enter the name of the person whose information you want to access. It is optional to add the city or area name. However, it will improve the search quality and you will get the results quickly.

Once the report is generated, click on view results and it will show the complete background of that person.

Tip: Visit its website to know more about background checks, and what type of information you can get with a Background Check report.


ZabaSearch is an online information finder that provides public information to its users. Just like CocoFinder, you do not need to register on the website to use its services. Running a background check with this platform is much easier than the traditional process.

The user interface of this website makes it the most reliable application to find public information. You can scroll through the different services and enter your search queries on the homepage. With the person’s name and a single click, you can access any information you want.

Other than a background check, it has a phone lookup, address lookup, and people search feature for its users.


TruthFinder is one of the most trusted platforms to perform background checks on someone. The website works on a subscription model and you need to create an account to use its services. It has a toll-free support number that helps you get all your queries done.

Additionally, you can use the services on its website to find any information you want. Although the working of this platform is a bit different, you can still perform a background check with it.

The website has a clear disclaimer that you can not use the data for business purposes. Keep this in mind while using its services.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate has delivered millions of background check reports to its customers. Hence, you can get an idea of how popular this application is. The main thing about the platform is its database. Almost all the information comes from credible sources and you can trust its data.

Like other information finders, Instant Checkmate provides phone lookup, people search, and criminal record services with a single click.

Beginners may face some problems in using this platform due to its interface. Other than this, you will love this application and its tools.

It has an exclusive tool that lets you perform a background check on your profile. That way, you can find out what’s there on the internet about you.


If you love using simple platforms with a simple user interface, you will love Intelius. It offers background search, people search and reverse phone lookup services to its customers. The website can find any public information with minimum details.

The platform has a queue for all the search results. Thus, you may need to wait for your turn to get the information. However, there’s a fast pass that lets you skip the line and get your search results instantly.

Now it depends on the urgency of the matter whether you want to use its premium services or not.


SpyDialer is a web-based solution that tracks unknown mobile numbers conveniently. However, it has many other solutions (including background search) that give you direct access to someone’s public information. The database of this website is limited but the data comes from credible sources.

SpyDialer works great with virtual phone numbers and is considered the best solution to track their details. There is hardly any other platform that can show the scam report of a virtual phone number.

Check out its website to find this information quickly.


As the name suggests, TruePeopleSearch is used to find someone’s true identity. If you ever want to find someone using their name, you can always go for this website. Although its background search is not very effective, you can still get some basic details with this tool.

Some professionals use it with CocoFinder to get the basic details with this platform and perform the Background check with the other.

It is because TruePeopleSearch has the most credible database with accurate information.  The only limitation is that you can not access the website outside of the United States.

Final Words

Online Background Search platforms provide the most reliable way to find someone’s information. The above platforms are proven to provide background check reports within a few minutes. You can rely on platforms like CocoFinder and ZabaSearch to provide the most accurate public information of an individual.