Problem: Opening a text file for editing from VFP exe.

Problem: Opening a text file for editing from VFP exe.

I need some help with the opening of a text file from a Visual FoxPro 6.0 exe.
This is what I am doing currently:
I open the file from my VFP program as follows:

This opens my file in the default Visual FoxPro editor. But the problem
is that it also uses the default VFP syntax coloring options. Hence any
VFP keywords etc. in my text file are displayed as highlighted. I want to disable this syntax coloring.

Here is what I have tried so far:
I tried changing the Syntax coloring settings through the VFP Options
menu and saving them as default. This applies the settings to any editor window opened in the VFP development environment but it does not reflect in the file opened from my exe through the MODIFY FILE statement.

This is because the VFP run time does not read the system registry,
hence I would need to set the syntax coloring option in the
configuration file. But I could not find any such setting for the config

If anyone has any ideas on how i can get rid of the syntax coloring in
the file opened in the VFP editor…please let me know ASAP. I am stuck with this and need the info urgently.

Thanks in advance,


Solution: Opening a text file for editing from VFP exe.

Try your MODI FILE command.  Once in it, Right click on it and select Properties.  Select a fixed width font so that you can see all 132 columns and turn off Word Wrap.

I just made tried this and did not get any syntax coloring.

MODI FILE should not give syntax coloring.

Good luck,