Problem : VFP Combobox with ARRAY rowsource

Problem : VFP Combobox with ARRAY rowsource

I’m stumped by the following situation:

As seen in the code attached, I’m trying to populate a combo box with an array. The behavior that I am seeing is that I can verify the contents of the array, the combo box has a drop down with the appropriate number of elements which I can traverse, but I cannot see any of the contents.

It is possibly something quite simple that I am missing here. I’m not very familiar with using arrays in combo boxes, so I”m hoping somebody can point out my error.

SELECT &sellang , textval from quikfill where filterval = “CONTACTYPE” order by &sellang into array array_conttype
WITH thisform.combo1
.rowsourcetype = 5
.columncount = 2
.columnwidths = ‘160,160’
.rowsource = ‘array_conttype’
.forecolor = RGB(0,0,0)
.backcolor = RGB(255,255,255)
.itembackcolor = RGB(128,128,128)
.numberOfElements = 10



Solution: VFP Combobox with ARRAY rowsource

Why not select into a cursor instead and use that as a source.