The list of top applications which can contribute to students education

Today’s students have plenty of opportunities to study outside the college. The 21st century has brought rapid technological advancement, simplifying our lives and making us more productive. Using laptops and smartphones, learners can contribute to self-education, enhance their skill sets, and make them valuable to any employer. The following list points out the best apps that can enrich students’ knowledge of various subjects and help achieve their goals.


Without any doubt, modern technologies have made students flexible, mobile, and efficient. However, the other side of the coin exists. Although it hugely depends on a particular individual, technologies often tend to distract learners. This can lead to missed deadlines, and the only way to make up for tales is to seek help from an essay writing online service. 

If you are a student, can relate to this issue, and want to deal with your assignments on your own, use Forest. Forest is an app that protects from distractions and makes users more attentive and concentrated on their work. Although it isn’t an educational app, it fully contributes to a study or work process. 

Besides, Forest is an environment-oriented application; by completing distraction-free sessions, users contribute to the forestation of various regions. The app is free to use and available on Android and iOS operating systems.


With zillions of students aspiring to learn new languages, languages in education hold a firm position. Of course, practice makes perfect, and it is hard to learn a new language without additional drilling. Thanks to Duolingo, students not only improve their command of a language they learn in school. They can also learn a new language at their own pace. 

Duolingo never stops improving. The app has accumulated millions of users throughout the years that motivate it to advance and implement novel features. Among them is Artificial Intelligence. AI helps users practice their abilities by creating individual paths and brushing up on their weaknesses. 

Oftentimes, students devote most of their time learning grammar and vocabulary. However, sound listening skills are also integral in language acquisition. Thanks to Duolingo podcasts, students can better their listening comprehension. The app is available on Android and iOS devices and browsers.


Effective learning is imperative in education. Students have to process lots of information and be able to retain it. Tediously going through the notes proved ineffective a long time ago. Contrary to that, visually appealing methods of repetition have demonstrated positive results. Quizlet is an app that helps you learn and master skills. Founded in 2005, only recently has it become in the spotlight. Quizlet allows users to create flashcards and use various modes to test knowledge. The app has a free and payable version and is available on Android and iOS devices.


Education drives progress. With that in mind, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology collaborated and coined edX. EdX is a non-profit, massive open online course (MOOC) provider. It offers a bounty of free lessons for students who want to pick up on a new skill or improve existing abilities. Founded in 2012, edX has attracted over 24 million users anxious to discover new areas. 

The educational platform grants access to over 2000 free online courses from 140 leading academic institutions worldwide. For an additional fee, users can receive a certificate of completion, which is often worth the price. Certificates are an excellent way to show employers and universities that an applicant is determined about the future career or course. 


Coursera is another educational platform. It was founded in 2012 by two professors affiliated with Stanford University. However, while edX focuses more on the humanities, natural sciences, and other subjects that usually fall into academic courses, Coursera pays more attention to professional training. Also, the platform comprises both free and paid courses and focuses on computer science, IT, business, marketing, management, administration, etc. 

Pocket Thesaurus

Essay writing is a common task in academia. Students of all degrees have to compose papers at least once in a while. But although essays are excellent in demonstrating students’ analytical, writing, and critical thinking skills, little attention is paid to teach learners how to write correctly and express themselves. As a result, papers often end up being monotonous and hard to read. And 

One of the gravest mistakes is limited vocabulary that leads to constant word repetition. Pocket Thesaurus is a splendid app aiming to enlarge students’ vocabulary. The application provides a list of synonyms to any word, which users can save for further use. Also, Pocket Thesaurus doesn’t require having an Internet connection; it works offline. 

iTunes University

Year by year, people’s rhythm of life becomes more hectic. They tend to spend more time working and doing chores. Students often feel the same, experiencing a lack of time to study and enrich their expertise. Being on the go, people can’t read a book. Nor can they watch an educational video. 

The inability to do that called for creating something that would allow students to hone their skills at any place and time. And this led to the creation of iTunes University. iTunes U lets anyone with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad learn from an extensive collection of educational content uploaded by leading academic institutions, independent scholars, art galleries, and museums for free. Students can download podcasts and listen to them offline and share them with colleagues. 


Curricula often rely on specific textbooks and other materials that students are asked to purchase. However, it isn’t surprising that buying paperback books can break your bank. In this case, Scribd might come in handy. The application is a book subscription service that comprises over a million titles. For a relatively small fee (around $10 monthly), students can get unlimited access to books, scholarly articles, journals, and other documents. 


Mathway is an app that solves math problems for free. The outstanding feature of the service is that it solves problems and shows a step-by-step solution. Mathway works with different subjects, like algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and chemistry, among others. Upon typing a problem or uploading a photo, the app will analyze the question, do analysis, and provide you with an answer. Many students benefit from the app because it helps them get familiar with various ways of solving problems.