Fortnite OG Season 7/8 Guide: Rarity, Stats & How to Get

minigun fortnite og
Images via Epic Games

The legendary Minigun has made its triumphant return in Fortnite OG Season 7/8, becoming a nostalgic favorite among players. To wield this fast-firing assault weapon, read on to discover where and how to find the Minigun and unleash its devastating power on the island.

How to find the Minigun in Fortnite OG

The minigun can be found in Chests and Supply Drops in Fortnite OG Season 7/8. However, it is not commonly found as floor loot, so your best chance of obtaining it is by looting chests or waiting for supply drops. Keep in mind that finding the minigun is primarily a matter of luck.

Rarity and Stats

The minigun is available in Epic and Legendary rarities, each with its own set of stats. Here are the details for both rarities:

Epic Minigun:

  • DPS: 240
  • Damage: 20
  • Magazine Size: Infinite
  • Fire Rate: 12
  • Reload Time: 4.75s
  • Structure Damage: 32

Legendary Minigun:

  • DPS: 252
  • Damage: 21
  • Magazine Size: Infinite
  • Fire Rate: 12
  • Reload Time: 4.5s
  • Structure Damage: 33

How to Use It

The minigun is a fast-firing weapon that uses light ammo, similar to a pistol. It has an infinite magazine size, but it will overheat after 6 seconds of continuous fire. After overheating, the minigun goes into a cooldown phase that lasts between 4 to 5 seconds. This cooldown allows for balance, giving opponents a chance to retaliate.

Tips for Effective Use:

  • Destroy Structures: The minigun is highly effective at destroying player-built structures quickly. It is most effective against wooden structures but can also damage stronger materials with prolonged fire.
  • Pairing with Other Weapons: Consider pairing the minigun with a long-range weapon like a sniper rifle or a scoped assault rifle for distant engagements. Additionally, having a shotgun for close combat fights can complement the minigun’s capabilities.
  • Ammo Management: Keep in mind that the minigun consumes light ammo rapidly. Avoid carrying other light ammo-consuming weapons like SMGs or pistols to ensure you have enough ammo for the minigun.

We hope this helps you get your hands on a minigun in Fortnite OG! The Minigun is a powerful weapon that can be very effective in the right hands. If you are lucky enough to find one, be sure to use it to your advantage!