Teamfight Tactics Tier-List Patch 12.10

TFT Tier-List Patch 12.10 focuses on the Set 6.5 meta and aims to show you which champions are best suited to you and your intended playstyle. Patch 12.10 will be the final patch for Set 6.5. TFT Patch 12.11 is coming soon, which bring us many changes include updated tooltips, a different Augment stage distribution, alongside tweaks to various augments and items, including March of Progress, Bloodthirster and others.

TFT Tier-List Methodology

This Tier-List Patch was created in consultation with top-tier players such as Ace of Spades, Saintvicious and Salvvy.

Units classification:

S-tier: Extremely powerful and hot picked Champions
A-tier: Champions who fit nicely into strong lineups.
B-tier: Situational champions who can compete in good competitions.

TFT Tier-List Patch 12.10

TFT Tier-List Patch 12.10

Early Game Tier List

Optimal (S-tier)Syndra, Sejuani, Rek’Sai, Corki, Swain, Talon, Kassadin, Ashe, Blitzcrank
Great (A-tier)Zyra, Singed,  Ziggs, Camille, Ezreal, Zilean, Poppy, Lulu, Brand, Illaoi, Darius
Good (B-tier)Caitlyn, Warwick, Quinn, Twitch, Nocturne

Mid Game Tier List

Optimal (S-tier)Ashe, Sejuani, Morgana, Swain, Ekko, Corki, Talon Zac, Cho’Gath, Syndra, enna, Blitzcrank, Jarvan IV, Leona, Rek’Sai
Great (A-tier)Darius, Singed, Lucian, Zyra, Camille, Poppy, Gangplank, Tryndamere, Gnar, Illaoi, Ziggs, Ezreal, Brand, Lulu, Vex, Jarvan IV, Zilean
Good (B-tier)Malzahar, Miss Fortune, Warwick, Caitlyn, Quinn, Twitch, Nocturne

Late Game Tier List

Optimal (S-tier)Renata, Kai’Sa, Braum, Galio, Vi, Zac, Jhin, Leona,  Morgana, Senna, Jinx, Viktor, Silco, Ahri, Sivir, Tahm Kench, Jayce, Alistar
Great (A-tier)Vex, Gangplank, Orianna, Ekko, Tryndamere, Irelia, Gnar, Draven, Zeri, Seraphine, Cho’Gath, Kha’Zix, Lucian
Good (B-tier)Miss Fortune, Malzahar

General Champion Commentary

1 – Cost Units


Camille is a fantastic frontline unit for Challenger-style competitions. Clockwork is also a useful trait to have because the increased attack speed is useful in all situations.


Caitlyn is an excellent early-game unit because she possesses the Sniper and Enforcer traits. She is useful early on due to her ability to one-shot enemy units.


Darius is great at early game as a efficient frontline unit, even though he will fall off like other early game units.


If you intend to build into an Ability Power carry, Brand will be excellent in the early game. He also works well with Debonair units and can be a powerful unit if VIP.


Ezreal can hold Attack Damage items early for your planned carry as well as make use of two strong early game traits, Innovator and Scrap

Jarvan IV

Jarvan is an excellent early game unit because his ability offers the squad with an Attack Speed boost. His Hextech and Striker traits are also worthwhile to develop.


Illaoi is a low-cost Bruiser that can be combined with other Bruisers. She is also a Mercenary, so get her if you intend to play Mercenaries.


Poppy is a strong frontline Bodyguard to team with Blitzcrank or Darius. She is also a Yordle, which means that if you can fit three of them in, you can gain extra gold.


Nocturne is a single-target champion. He can be important in the development of Hextech or Assassin.


Singed works nicely with Ezreal for Innovator, but he can also be used to get early units like Twitch into the Chemtech trait.


Kassadin is now a Scholar unit, which means he is less tanky but more useful to the team. A must-have for any team that wishes to run Mutants.


Ziggs is a great early game unit as he boasts 3 traits. Scrap and Arcanist are both useful in the early game, but his Yordle trait provides extra gold.


Twitch is a one-cost Assassin who is usually either built into as a carry or entirely ignored.

2 – Cost Units


Corki appears to be the new de facto carry for Yordle comps as the sole unit capable of dealing significant magical damage.


Blitzcrank is one of the finest units in the game. He gives an early game trait with Scrap, is a formidable frontline as a Bodyguard, and has a game changing ability.


Rek’Sai is a fantastic new Mutant unit to have because she is also Bruiser. This means she complements Cho’Gath very effectively, as they both have Mutant and Bruiser.


Zyra is a reliable Syndicate troop in the early game. Her ability is frequently erratic, but her Scholar feature is quite useful.


Ashe is a new 2-cost Sniper who works well with Caitlyn. She may be built as a carry or as a transition for Sniper or Syndicate comps.


Lulu has two valuable traits in Yordle and Enchanter, but you’ll want to replace her with better units whenever possible.


So far, Swain has mostly been used for his abilities as a Hextech or an Arcanist troop. We haven’t seen much use of him as a damage carrier, so he’s largely a trait bot for the time being.


Sejuani is a new frontline unit with a lot of early game power. Hextech is an excellent early and late game trait, and the Enforcer trait is as effective. She is also a Bruiser, giving her three attributes.


Quinn’s major duty is to supply another Mercenary unit for the early game.


Talon is another early-game Debonair who can deliver a lot of magic damage with his bleed ability. Obtaining an early Debonair VIP is an excellent strategy to stabilize the early and midgame.


Syndra is another early-game Debonair who deals magic damage. She works well with Brand and Leona for a rapid 3 Debonair.


Along with Ezreal and Singed, Zilean’s primary role in the early game is to supply the Innovator trait. He also offers Clockwork, which allows Innovator comps to bring in troops such as Camille or Orianna for Clockwork 2


Warwick is an excellent early-game unit for Chemtech or Challenger. This allows him to work nicely with other early units such as Camille and Chemtechs such as Singed and Twitch.

3 – Cost Units


Senna is a powerful unit since she can be utilized as a utility unit or as a carry with Attack Damage items.


Tryndamere is a three-cost carry unit with the Challenger and Chemtech traits. He can pair nicely with Warwick, who shares similar traits.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is the other three-cost unit you want to get if you go for three Mercenaries. She is arguably stronger than Gangplank because of her abilities and traits that let her to adapt into different comps such as Snipers.


Zac allows many comps to hit breakpoints. He can help you reach Bruiser 4 or Chemtech 5 if you have other units or Augments to help.


Lucian is a strong mid game unit that can utilize both Ability Power and Attack Damage items very well.


Gnar is a solid three-cost unit because he supplies three traits. Yordle is excellent at generating gold early in the game. Socialite is a powerful and versatile team comp, but his Striker trait allows players that construct Yordles early on to easily switch into Attack Damage comps.


Morgana is a strong mid-game frontline unit. Her skill provides a great deal of utility and frontline capability.


Cho’Gath is a key carrier for Mutant teams. Over the course of the game, he can feast on adversaries and become an unkillable tank.


Malzahar, along with Cho’Gath, is the other key carry for Mutant comps. These two are both three-cost units, allowing players to quickly construct them both at the same time.


Ekko is a valuable unit because he is the most versatile Assassin.


Gangplank is one of two 3-cost Mercenaries you’ll want to acquire in order to reach 3 Mercenaries. He can also build into Twinshot comps.


Leona is one of the best mid game tanks, allows you to hit potential VIP units like Draven.


Vex has the same job as she did back in Set 6. She is the main tank for Arcanist comps and is also a tank option for Yordle comps.

4 – Cost Units


Braum is still flexible and strong with his great CC ability.


Draven is a new 4-cost Attack Damage carry that deals a lot of damage with his natural Armor Piercing attacks. Debonair allows him to gain some bonus stats while Challenger will stack up his Attack Speed.


Jhin is carrying over from Set 6, and his role and items are largely the same as before. Strong backline Attack Damage carry.


Ahri is a new 4-cost AP carry that mainly deals sustained damage rather than burst damage.


Irelia is another new 4-cost carry with the Striker and Scrap trait. Scrap will be great for transitioning from the early game, while Striker will give her a lot of bonus Attack Damage.


Alistar is the new 4-cost Colossus that will naturally go into Hextech comps or alongside other Colossus units like Cho’Gath or Galio.


Sivir is another 4-cost Striker that pairs alongside Irelia, although sharing items between the two can be rough.


Orianna is doing well as providing two very flexible traits in Enchanter and Clockwork.


The addition of Kha’Zix allows Mutant comps to have another option with who they itemize as a carry.


Seraphine is still here as a flexible Socialite unit, but you will mostly see her as a carry in Innovator comps with Ability Power items.


Renata is a new 4-cost unit that provides a lot of utility for team comps. Her Scholar trait makes her very flexible, but she fits in most with comps that can utilize her Chemtech trait as well.


Vi has been upgraded from 2-cost to 4-cost and is a beast of a late game unit.

5 – Cost Units


Jayce is a flexible late game unit. He can be built as a tank, or as a backline DPS with damage items. His Enforcer trait also makes him a flexible pick for many comps in the late game.


Kai’Sa is a late game magic damage carry that can bring up the ceiling for Mutant or Challenger comps. She is also a perfect Morellonomicon holder, so you don’t need to build her as pure damage.


Jinx is mainly a Twinshot carry that synergizes with other Twinshot units. Her Scrap trait can be useful in some comps that go big into Scrap, but she mostly will be a late game carry option for Twinshot comps.


Galio is a powerful late game tank with an amazing CC ability and Socialite trait to buff up your main carry.


Zeri is a new late game hyper carry that boasts the Debonair and Sniper trait. Sniper is a trait that doesn’t require many units, and Debonair helps you find potentially a VIP Zeri or simply boost her stats slightly.

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is a tanky late game tank champion. The earlier you get him the better, as he can give you extra items if he gobbles up enemies with items.


Silco is an extremely flexible unit, much like Yuumi in Set 6. His Scholar trait makes him pertinent for many comps, and his Mastermind trait allows you to give mana to units with powerful abilities.


Viktor is a late game carry for Arcanist comps and helps raise the ceiling for those types of comps.

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