Best 10 Shopping Cart Design Tricks To Avail Better Conversion

It will be appropriate to call the internet a bit cruel for e-commerce marketers as Marketing Experiments revealed that more than 50% customers leave the shopping carts before the purchase. If we take a look at the blooming businesses, then we will find that their success is ensured due to their strategic methods of using shopping cart and product pages.

Shopping Cart Design Tricks

The correct usability of the shopping cart plays a deciding role in making or breaking the business. We do not need to mention that a sales-oriented shopping cart is required to earn better conversions and sales as it smoothens online shopping process and persuades visitors. For this, you will have to comprehend the desires, needs and preferences of the visitors. In order to offer them a targeted shopping experience, it is essential to follow best practices of shopping cart design. Take a look at the powerful guidelines to convert your shopping cart into a sales machine.

Product Page Must Suggest Related Products

It means to say that you should not suggest fresh products while the customer is following the process of adding a product to the shopping cart. For instance, a user is trying to add shoes to the shopping cart and a message for buying a headphone blinks on the page, then he may become confused.

Related Products

Add To Cart/Checkout Buttons Should Be Clear

At the time of a designing shopping cart and an e-commerce checkout, it is essential to include links that can be accessed easily to guide the customers during the checkout process. The best option is to use large and obvious buttons with legible and comprehensive text like ‘Continue to checkout’ or ‘Add To Cart’.

Clear button for add to cart

Say No To Too Many Fields

An average customer finds it quite annoying to fill out unnecessary input fields in a form. Therefore, you must make the checkout process as simple as possible because it will be of no use, if customers do not find it convenient.

Say no to too many fields

Display The Savings To Customers

Most of the online shoppers appreciate the idea of good bargains and want the deals to save money. You can add the ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ prices (to show the products with reduced prices) in order to make it clear that how they can save money by buying the products just now. You can support this idea by putting an image showing limited time frame to catch the product.

Display the saving

Integrate Product Customization Feature

Undoubtedly, customization provides the sense of ownership and it can play a vital role in boosting your sales. Integrate customization facility in your shopping cart such as design, color, product size, etc.Customization facility

Exhibit Shipping Information Clearly

Any customer is not going to buy products online, if they get them from a brick-and-mortar store at cheaper price. The biggest advantage of online shopping is that shoppers are able to make a quick purchase and their goods are delivered to their home. Therefore, if you are offering free shipping, then mention it.

shipping information

Different Payment Gateways

You must give your customers the support of the major payment gateways such as Google Checkout or PayPal. If you are targeting a specific geographical location in place of an international business, then make sure that you add the payment method, which is used widely.

various payment options

Offer a Visual Support

Visual support may include anything from simple icons to diagrams. For example, if you incorporate an image, which shows the exact location of an account number on a credit card, then it guides the customers to enter the billing information easily. Therefore, icons prove too useful in making the form simpler to scan through.

Visual appeal

Use Good Quality Product Images

You must bear it in mind that you cannot give your customers an opportunity to touch the products, therefore you should use clear and good quality images to assure them regarding the quality.

Chaser Mens Sport Watch (Model No

Go With Wish List Feature

There are many customers, who want to buy a collection of services and products, but they are unable to do so due to reasons like insufficient money or purchase does not fit into their budget. The wish list feature allows them to set a goal and they can buy the item next month or week after saving money for it.

Add to Wishlist


Get inspiration from these best ten tips to design a powerful shopping cart and gain higher sales and conversion for your business.

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