What Should You Pay Attention to When Creating a Student Blog on WordPress?

College time is the best time to create a blog. Students are curious and have a lot of things to explore. One of the best places to publish your blog is WordPress. The platform offers free and paid hosting services. The process of creating a blog on WordPress might seem daunting.  

On the contrary, creating a blog on WordPress is an easy process. You can have your blog ready within a few minutes. Once you publish your blog, you can start posting your articles for everyone to see. A few areas require your attention when creating your student blog on WordPress. 

 Pay attention to the topic area you want to cover 

Blogs cover specific topics or themes. You cannot write anything to anyone. Choose a topic that interests you. You should be able to write about the topic without struggle. Regardless of this, pay close attention to what is trending. Think about how the topic will remain relevant for the next three or four decades.  

There is no limitation to the kind of topic you can choose. You can decide to be writing about technology, college life, careers, or even food. You can write blogs about health, music, movies, or travel. Choose a topic or theme that students will love. This is the theme that you will focus on every time you want to write a blog.  

When you are in college, there are a lot of things you can explore. You can decide to explore the area of sports, entertainment or write educational blogs. You need to invest more energy in the area that you choose to focus on. This will help you to perfect the area. Although you will benefit from your blogs or the area you choose to explore, your study time can be affected. It is easy for students to ask Edubirdie to write my essay for me and save them time and energy. They help college students complete their essays without stress. 

Pay attention to the name of your blog 

Your blog name is very important. Before you create a name, think about your audience. These are the people who will be reading your blogs. Although you are a student, think about your blog in terms of the future. Some of the trending blogs today were started by students.  

Some key things will help you create a good blog name. The name should capture the attention of everyone who sees it for the first time. When it’s attractive, people will love to read its content. It should be easy to memorize and relevant to your blogs. Avoid choosing a name that is too long. Choose a short name that will be easy to sell. Finally, the name should be available as a domain name.  

Pay attention to the design of your blog 

When creating a blog on WordPress, you start by visiting the WordPress page. Next, you will signup for a wordpress.com account. Use the name that you chose to signup for the website. After entering your blog information, you must choose your blog design. This is one area you should pay close attention to.  

Your blog design gives your audience an idea about the topics you write about. The design provides your blog’s framework. Before you start, make sure your blog is in maintenance mode. This prevents the public from accessing your blog when it’s under construction.  

On the WordPress website, you will see hundreds of custom-made themes. Choose the theme that best fits your blog name and topic area. If you are dealing with beauty niche, choose a theme about beauty. At this point, you can add a logo for your blog to make it unique. Another important thing in design is the font choice. Choose an appealing font.  

Pay attention to your blog pages 

Your blog pages contain all information about your services or products or your core idea. This is where you will be publishing your blogs. Most WordPress themes create the pages automatically. However, you must fill them with information. Make sure the information that you add will benefit your audience. Your pages will be the home page, services, contact us, and resources. You will get an about us page, portfolios, and privacy policy.


A blog on WordPress can be a good tool for a student to develop their writing skills. Other students from around the world will get informed through the blog. Many of today’s trending blogs were started by students. When creating a blog on WordPress, there are a few things that you should pay attention to. Pay attention to the area or topics you will be writing about. You must pay attention to the name of your blog. Focus also on the design and blog pages. 

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