Fully Customize Ubuntu Unity Settings With Confity

Lately, I have reviewed a lot of Unity customization applications. These include, Unity Plugin and Unity Launcher Editor.

Confity is an Ubuntu application which combines the features of Unity Plugin and Unity Launcher Editor. It allows easily changing and fully customizing Unity settings such as icon size, device view, launch animation, etc within a simple GUI interface. You can grab Confity from the download link at the end of this post.

To start using it, download and  extract the tar.gz file and run Confity.py file.


From the Configuration GUI interface, you can easily edit Unity settings. The available options include:

  • Unity icon size management
  • Auto hiding the Unity Launcher
  • The option to change backlight, notification, panel opacity, as well as device settings
  • Changing the size of Dashboard and Virtual desktop
  • Tweaking options, such as, adding shortcuts to default bookmarked folders to the home folder launcher’s quicklist, Bansheee and Rhythmbox playback control and shortcut to Google Services.

You can also set custom hotkeys to execute commands, change launcher focus, Dashboard view and workspace selection.


Download Confity