How To Upgrade To Ubuntu 11.04 From Ubuntu 10.10

The Ubuntu developers are rapidly moving ahead with the Ubuntu 11 project. Oneric (Ubuntu 10.10) just got released, however, it is quite unstable and hardly usable yet. Downloading an Ubuntu 10.04 DVD can be a bit laborious. Here is an easy way to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 easily, using your existing update options.

Important Note: make sure you backup your system before applying the below mentioned changes. This will allow you to revert back in case of any issues which may occur. WML Cloud administration will not be responsible for any issues which may occur due to the implementation of the below mentioned procedure.

Press ALT+F2, type update-manager –d and click Run button.

Step 1

The Update Manager  will display a message, showing that the New Ubuntu 11.04 update is available. Click Upgrade to continue.

Step 2

Before continuing further, you will be provided with the Ubuntu release notes. Click Upgrade to continue.

Step 3

A password prompt will pop-up, after which the upgrade process will  continue automatically.

Step 6

During the upgrade the unsupported packages will be removed. A prompt will appear with a list of these packages. Click Start Upgrade to proceed further.

Step 7


After the upgrade is complete, you will require restarting your computer for the changes to take effect.


Step 10

If you would like to confirm that Ubuntu 11.04 has been sucessfully installed, open a Terminal from Applications –> Accessories (Non Unity users) and enter the following command:

lsb_release -a

Step 11

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