Customize Mac Lion Scrolling & Add Reverse Scrolling To Mac Snow Leopard With Scroll Reverser

One of the most inconvenient iOS inspired feature of Mac OS X Lion is reverse scrolling. Which means that when you scroll up to actually move down the page and vice versa. If you want to restore the natural scrolling in Mac OS X Lion, you can disable reverse scrolling from System Preferences. However, you may wish to enable reverse scrolling behavior before using trackpad or magic mouse.  Scroll Reverser is a free application for Mac OS X which reverses the direction of scrolling.

  • You can use it with Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard to make your scrolling match the ‘natural scrolling’ in Lion.
  • Whereas, it’s usage in Mac OS X Lion can help you customize scrolling behavior beyond what is possible in system preferences, for example to reverse the trackpad but not the mouse.

Just unzip and copy Scroll Reverser file to your Applications folder. To uninstall, drag it to the trash. All the options can be accessed from thesystem menu bar menu.  To disable its functions, simply click Reverse Scrolling to go back to Mac Lion default scrolling behavior.

Scroll Reverser

Scroll reverser works on Mac OS X 10.5 or above.

Download Scroll Reverser