Fully Customize Mac OS X Lion And Leopard Dock With Docker

Docker is a free Mac OS X application which lets you fully customize your dock by accessing hidden dock settings and allows to choose a larger range of dock sizes, extra animation options and much more. Unlike other dock tweaking tools, Docker caters to almost everything related with the dock which includes Dock Style, Icons, Indicator Style, 2D and 3D Dock Style, docked application separator, magnified size of items in the dock, etc.


The Styles and Colors window allows changing the Dock style from the default 3D to 2D and provides options to toggle translucent icons on/off. You can also specify Indicator and Separator style/color, and select style for 2D or 3D system dock.

Docker Configuration

The Settings window is meant to help you change Icon sizes, magnified icon sizes, and the two way position to adjust the dock properly on the required side of your screen. In addition to the default Mac native minimize effects – genie and scale, it adds Suck Effect as well.

Dock Settings

Stacks & Spacers window can be used to add stacks and spacers between dock icons. Add Application Stack button adds a recently used applications stack to the dock. Likewise,  Add Document Stack is meant to add documents stack icon to view recently opened documents. If you want to add blank spaces to your Dock, then use Dock Spacers. This section contains two buttons, namely Add Application Spacer and Add Document Spacer. These buttons can help you add blank spaces between applications and documents on the dock.

Stacks And Spaces tab

Kiosk Settings tab can help you set Finder Menubar Visibility. For example, you can hide both dock andmenubar when you open Finder window. Other options include the ability to change visibility settings for specific applications from the menubar.

You may also find the Settings Locks window to be extremely handy, as it lets you prevent other users from changing dock settings. By default, all settings are unlocked so you will have to enable the lock options, such as, Lock Contents, Minimize Effect, Position,  Size, Magnification, and Autohide Settings to lockup your dock.


So go ahead and try this free (donation ware) application and take full control of your Dock settings. Docker works on both:

  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Mac OS X Lion

Download Docker