Problem : Excel: Method ‘Close’ of object ‘_Workbook’ failed

Problem : Excel: Method ‘Close’ of object ‘_Workbook’ failed

I wrote an Excel add-in that has VBA code that opens several workbooks, does calculations, then closes the workbooks.  Unfortunately, on some computers, this code generates the following error message: “Method ‘Close’ of object ‘_Workbook’ failed.”  Could you please tell me what could cause this error?  Thank you.
Dim wkb As Workbook: Set wkb = Application.Workbooks(“MyWorkbook.xls”)
Call Application.Calculate
Call wkb.Close

Solution: Excel: Method ‘Close’ of object ‘_Workbook’ failed

Can you show us how you open the workbook?
Because what you show us would work assign to wkb an already opened workbook…

Have you tried to specify to not save (just for testing), to see if you get the same message?

If you don’t get the same message, is it because your file is opened in read-only mode?