Microsoft Word 2010 : Creating Mail Merge Documents – Sorting and Filtering Data – Sort and Filter Records

When you work with a large number of discs, it is often useful to organize these discs in a particular order. For example, if you make a sending in bulk via the USPS, they require that the pieces of the sending be matched in the order of postcode so that you receive the savings related to the rate of mass mailing. Word can easily achieve this task for you thus the discs is amalgamated and printed in the order of postcode. You can match and filter discs by the fields the ones of fusion in the disc.

Sort and Filter Records

1. On Step 3 of 6 in the Mail Merge task pane, click Edit recipient list.
2. To sort the data in a column, click the field column heading (not the list arrow inside of it).

3. To filter out data in a field column by a specific criterion or value, click the list arrow in the column heading, and then select a filter option or value.


Click the Filter link in the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box.

4. To perform advance sorts, where you compare the values of certain fields, click the list arrow for any field, and then click Advanced.
5. If you chose an advanced sort, select or enter filter and sort criteria in the Field, Comparison, and Compare to box, and then click OK.

6. When you’re done, click OK.
7. Click Next: write your letter on the task pane to display Step 4 of 6.

Did You Know?

You can display all the data in a column. In the Mail Merge Recipient dialog box, click the column heading list arrow used for a filter, and then click All.