3DBoard Brings Glasses-Free 3D Homescreen to iPhone [iOS Jailbreak Tweak]

The iOS jailbreak community often come up with unimaginable tweaks. 3DBoard makes iPhone icons appear 3D without the need for any glasses. 3DBoard is available for purchase (via Cydia) with a price of $2.99. See the video below to get a taste of the 3D Board.

3DBoard makes the icons on your iPhone home screen appear in 3D, without the need of any 3D glasses. It uses the iPhone’s built-in sensors and adds a shadow to your icons automatically, which gives them a 3 dimensional appearance.

The reason this effect works is because true 3D does not require binoculars or spectacles. When you close one eye, you only see one image, yet the depth is still perceivable. This means that although you can’t “see” the depth, as you can with 2 eyes, but with motion, and brain calculations, you can understand the depth. With flat 2D images, you do not get depth perception due to the fact that the smaller motions of your head do not change the angle in relation to to the respective image.