An Overview of New Features Of iOS 6

Apple has released their new upgrade of the firmware called iOS 6. There are quite a few features about this wonderful OS that have pleased people with iPhones, iPads and the latest generation iPod Touch devices. Below is an overview of a couple of the latest iOS 6 updates.

New Features of iOS 6

Before we move on to the latest features of iOS 6, it is worth mentioning here that updating your firmware may lead to data loss, dysfunctional applications and other associated issues. If this is the first time that you are updating your iOS firmware, it might be worth checking out the repercussions before updating, so that you can properly back up your data to avoid data loss.New features of iOS 6

SIRI’s Fantastic Update

The famous voice response application given with these Apple products called “Siri” has been updated for you to access more features on them. The ability to launch any app on it is the major upgrade. The other things you can access through Siri is post updates on Facebook and Twitter too.

Updated Siri

Email Enhancements

Unread Marking of Emails

You can now update your important mails that you have read as unread which is new to the email app. This allows you to access mails that you want to read whenever by just marking them as unread.

Photos in your Email

Apple also in iOS 6 allows you to attach pictures in your email from your gallery. You just have to press the blank screen on your email page for a long period of time and the cut and paste option should appear. This gives you the option of attaching a picture into the mail.

iOS 6 Inbox

Advanced Alarm Clock

The alarm clock app on this has been updated with small updates like choosing what song you want for the alarm. The iPad has also been given a good update for the alarm where it shows you a calendar view of the app to set where you want to add an alarm

iOS 6 Alarm Clock

Panoramic Effect

One of the major upgrades in the iOS 6 is the ability to take a panorama photo which is basically a wide angle shot. People were mistaken by thinking that this was only available for the iPhone 5 when it is actually available for your apple products which has a dual core processor that can be updated to the iOS 6 firmware.

iOS 6 Panoramic Effect

Updated Facebook Integration

Facebook not just as an application point of view has been upgraded on this firmware. It has the ability to share a photo from the moment you click it, directly from the camera app itself. It also has the ability to update your contacts with their latest email id’s and phone numbers too.

iOS 6 Updated Facebook Integration

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