AT&T HTC One X Single Click Rooting Guide

HTC One X has been one of the hottest Android phones since it was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2012. Previously, I covered a complete review of HTC One X, and later a rooting guide for HTC One X (retail version). Recently, a single click rooting process was launched for the AT&t version of HTC One X, which was not released when the retail version hit stores around the globe. Thanks to XDA member “kennethpenn”, AT&T users can now root their devices. The below mentioned method can be used with Windows, Mac and Linux.

This single click rooting process will root your HTC One X phone, install SuperSu app for rights management and Busybox.


Please follow the below given rooting guide at your own risk. WML Cloud and it’s team will not be responsible if your HTC One X gets damaged or bricked during the below mentioned process.



1. To get started, download and extract the package from the link given above.
2. Now, enable USB Debugging on your phone via Settings -> Developer Options ->USB debugging.
3. Connect your HTC One X phone to your computer via USB. The developer has recommended desktop users to plug the USB cable into the back of their desktop PC.
4. Once done, do the following according to the operating system that you are running:

Note: The developer has marked the Linux and Mac process as “untested”, please refer to the link given at the end of this post to verify the status of this process.

  • Windows Users

Windows users should run the root.bat file .

  • Linux Users

Linux users will have to run the Linux file (sh file).

  • Mac Users

SimilarlMac users will have to run the Mac file (sh file)

Once you run the file for your respective operating system, the script will run and automatically root your device. It must be noted that your device will restart a few times and finally boot up after the rooting process is complete. For any kind of queries, updates and additional information, see the thread at XDA Developer’s Forum (link given below).

HTC One X forum thread at XDA-Developers