Capture Photos From One iPhone Or iPad Device To Another With WiFi Camera App

WiFi Camera is a free app for iPhone and iPad that makes it possible to control the camera of one iOS device from another. This makes it possible to remotely take pictures from an iDevice for; taking group pictures, collaborative photography and even to spy with your iOS camera. If you are looking for an iOS based remote-photography tool, then it doesn’t get any better than the WiFi Camera app.

Connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Using this app, you can control the camera of an iDevices to act as a remote for the camera of nearby iOS devices via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Note: As is obvious from the nature of this app, you will require installing the WiFi Camera app on both iDevices. While a connection over Bluetooth can also be established to use this app, it is advised that you should use a Wi-Fi connection for better performance.

Support For Rear And Front Camera

Once connected, you can transmit the camera display of one iDevice to another. This app supports both front and rear cams for taking simultaneous snaps from two different devices from a remote location.

WiFi Camera App Display

How to Use WiFi Camera App

1. The main screen of this app displays the list of available devices on the same Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, which are running the WiFi Camera app.

2. To begin a camera sharing session, select the device name from the list.

3. This provides the other iDevice user with an invitation to authorize the connection.

4. Once the connection has been authorized, the main screen of your iOS device will display the remote camera’s output. Although you might consider the incoming camera stream as “low quality”, the picture captured from the remote camera is likely to have a much better resolution, so no worries of low quality snaps.

5. The Inset Viewfinder shows the scene your remote device is capturing, however to capture the image you will require hitting the Camera button.

WIFI Camera Display

Save Photos On Both Devices

WiFi Camera not only supports sending remote “photo capture requests” but also allows transferring the captured image to the requesting device. The captured image can be saved not only on the remote device but also on the native device which is used to take the full resolution snap.

WiFi Camera app works with devices running iOS 5.0 or later and has been optimized for iPhone 5. You can use this app with:

  • iPad
  • iPhone (3Gs, 4, 4s, 5)
  • iPod Touch (3rd, 4th and 5th generation)

Download WiFi Camera App For iOS