Get Chop Chop For Android, A Quick Note Taking Application

Chop Chop is a note taking application for Android users which makes data input easy, even at your most inconvenient time. It is a simple application that allows to quickly handle note taking for text, phone numbers, emails and locations. It has both a free and paid version. Some of the Key features of Chop Chop are as follows:

Free Version

  • It provides 4 data functions, including Numbers, Words, Checklist, Pairs.
  • Recognizes Phone numbers, email, latitude and longitude.
  • Allows searching your notes easily.
  • Allows Backing up and restoring your notes with ease.
  • Provides sharing viaFacebook, Twitter, Email, Whatsapp, SMS and many more.

Paid Version

  • Provides app Widgets at home screen for instant note taking.
  • Automatically creates entry when copied to clipboard.
  • Has the ability to export to CSV, TXT format.

Chop Chop’s  interface has four tabs to cater for note taking needs. These include:

  1. Words
  2. Pairs
  3. Checklists
  4. Numbers

Chop Chop

Just tap on the preferred data tab and press Menu -> Add. All entries can be viewed from the applications home screen. To modify an entry, tap on it and select an action.

Main Screen

You can download the free and full version of Chop Chop from the Android Market links given below.

Download Chop Chop Free (Free Version)

Download Chop Chop Full (Paid Version)