Get Dolphin Browser For Android, Better Than Stock Browser

When I switched to an Android device I found the default Android browser to be quite lack luster and wanted an alternative that can provide me with a better rendering time and more robust options. After a recommendation from my friend I used the Dolphin Browser for Android and was quite impressed by the results. It is arguably a lot better than other alternatives like the Opera Mini browser, as it is not prone to random crashes and provides a number of handy features such as gestures, user agents, screen capture, etc.

The Dolphin browser is available in two version, namely Dolphin Browser HD and Dolphin Browser Mini, (which is the lighter version of the Dolphin browser). While the mini provides a lightweight alternative for the stock Android browser, the HD version is more suitable for high-end Android devices. It is also worth mentioning here that the Dolphin browser is also available for iOS.

Dolphin Browser for Android

Desktop Browser Like Features

The Dolphin browser provides many Chrome like features and even resembles its user interface. Its functionality delivers options that are commonly found in desktop browsers such as Bookmarks, Private Browsing (for browsing anonymously), easy access to browser “Downloads” and more. Users can capture parts of the page that they are on, fix a desired screen orientation (Auto Portrait or Landscape), access and switch between User Agents, backup data and correct screen brightness via the Toolbox option (accessible from Menu button on your Android device).



Another handy feature of the Dolphin browser is its ability to perform custom gestures. Gestures can be performed by selecting the gesture option from the bottom left corner of the screen, which shows up when the bottom of the screen is touched.

DrawDraw gestures

To find out what gestures are available, you can select the Settings (Cog icon) option after entering the gestures screen. You can add custom gestures by clicking the New Gesture option.

GesturesNew Gesture

User Agents

Another nifty feature of the Dolphin Browser is its ability to simulate other devices such as an iPhone or iPad, for displaying websites in a desired format. This can help you switch between mobile and regular version of websites more easily. User Agents can be accessed from Toolbox –> User Agents. By default the available user agents include Android, Desktop, iPad and iPhone, however, you can also add your custom user agents.

General Settings

If you would like to customize the browser, then head over to Toolbox –> Settings. From here you can change the text size, select the default Zoom size, Volume button action, image loading preferences, (Always, Never or Load in Wi-Fi), open pages in Overview, enable Pinch Zoom Button, change Gesture Settings, change Privacy Settings, change the Downloads directory, enable/disable Java, clear browser data, etc.

User AgentGeneral Settings

So if you are tired of the Android stock browser and the lack of functionality that it offers, then the Dolphin Browser might be worth trying out. I would personally recommend the Dolphin Browser Mini, unless you have a high end device. You can grab the Dolphin Browser Mini or HD from the Google Play links given below or from the developer’s website, which also provides a link for the iOS version of the browser.

Download Dolphin Browser Mini

Download Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser [Homepage]