Get Touch Based Custom Recovery For Sony Xperia S With DoomRecovery

In a previous post I showed you the rooting procedure for Sony Xperia S. But if you are looking for touch based custom recovery for your Sony Xperia S smartphone, then DoomRecovery can do the job for you. DoomRecovery is basically an extended version of the standard ClockworkMod Recovery. This custom recovery is currently a part of what is known as the DoomKernel. This means that if you wish to use this touch based custom recovery, you will first require installing this kernel. You can find out complete details about this kernel from this XDA Developers Forum Thread.

Sony Xperia S DoomKernel

It is worth mentioning here that the recovery currently has a few bugs, which are listed below. To see the status of the resolution of the below mentioned problems, it is recommended that you head over to the XDA Developers Forum link given at the end of this post.

1. All backups get a time stamp of 1970 (the developer has no idea why this is happening and is trying to get to fixed).

2. The recovery at times hangs. This problem can be resolved by pressing the power button, which will restart recovery without even rebooting your device.

3. Graphical glitches.

4. Backups created with v01 recovery may give errors when v02 recovery is being restored. Click here for a work around for this.

As you can gather from the above mentioned, this is a very raw build for custom recovery and the status of the stability of this custom recovery will be updated at the XDA Developers forum (link at the end of this post). If you would still like to try out this touch based custom recovery, then follow the below process or check out the below video.


Please follow this guide at your own risk. WML Cloud and it’s team will not be responsible if your Sony Xpera S phone gets damaged due to thee below mentioned process. It is recommended that you also check out the link at the end of this post to look for updates for this procedure.



1. To get started, download and extract the Fastboot package. If your bootloader has been unlocked, you would already have the package extracted and required drivers installed.
2. Copy the FreeXperia recovery image to your phone’s fastboot folder in the package that you extracted.
3. Download and copy the DoomKernel ZIP file to the root of your phone’s SD Card.
4. Switch your Sony Xperia S to fastboot mode and open Command Prompt.
5. Once done, navigate to the location of the FreeXperia recovery image via Command Prompt and enter this command:

fastboot flash boot recovery-nozomi.img

6. After your phone goes into recovery, flash the DoomKernel ZIP package that you copied earlier on your device, via FreeXperia recovery.
7. Restart your Sony Xperia S phone and ensure that you can boot into the operating system. Now, reboot the device to recovery mode and if all works, it means that DoomRecovery has been successfully setup on your Sony Xperia S phone. For visual instructions, check out this video by the developer.

For queries and updates check out the link given below.

[via XDA Developers Forum Thread For DoomRecovery] – Video Courtesy: The Developer