Hudld Brings Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn Integration For iPhone

Hudld is an iOS app that provides seamless integration for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and custom RSS Feeds. This app has both a free and Pro version and delivers a wide range of handy features such as full featured social profile pages, one stop management of social accounts and cache support for a more convenient user experience. One of the best features of Hudld is the support for multiple social networking accounts. With Hudld you can add up to 30 Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for centralized management.

Social Feed Aggregation With Hudld

Hudld aggregates all the feeds from your added social network accounts into one simplified user interface. You can assembled and customize your RSS feeds to meet your personal and business needs, to make Hudld your one-stop aggregator for your social accounts.

Hudld App for iPhone

Quicker Navigation With Data Cache

Hudld combines your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to provide you with more robust navigation for added social accounts. This is because it cache your data on your “i” device to quickly load social feeds to enhance performance.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Integration

No Sign Up Or User Tracking

An interesting aspect of this app is that no sign in is required, which means that you do not have to give out your email addresses or personal details to use Hudld. Users can simply add their social accounts and enjoy the security of SSL channels. Furthermore, Hudld ensures no auto posts, spam advertisement, invites, follows or other types of marketing gimmicks. It is good to see that there is finally a social media app that does not track visitors or try to gain any kind of information to profile user habits. This makes Hudled more fun to use than other spammy applications that can be a nuisance in terms of tracking user activity.

Post To Multiple Networks

You can find out more about this app from the video given below.

The Pro version of Hudld costs as little as $0.99, whereas you can also download it for free. This app works with iOS devices running OS 4.3 or later and has been optimized for iPhone 5. You can run Hudled on:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

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