Monitor iPhone Battery, Disk Space And Processes With Core Monitor

Looking to monitor iPhone battery, memory, disk information, processes, etc? Try Core Monitor. It is a free iOS application that provides in-depth information about core system components and allows viewing the available details in a visually appealing and easy to grasp user interface.

Core Monitor fills the gap of system monitoring applications for iOS devices, since “i” devices have been known to lack quality system monitoring apps, unlike other platforms (e.g. Android). One of the best things about Core Monitor is that it does not require a Jailbroken iOS device, which mean that you do not have to ruin your warranty to install it. Core Monitor offers usage stats for device memory, battery life, as well as information about system operations that run under the hood on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.

Core Monitor for iPhone

If you are wondering what might be the benefit of using Core Monitor (except of acquiring some basic resource utilization information), it can be helpful in allowing you to identify problematic applications and resource hogging processes that can be managed to optimize your “i” device. While Core Monitor does not offer the management of system processes and components, it does give you a good idea regarding what’s cooking inside your iOS device. Some of the major features of Core Monitor include the following:

  • Memory: It provides users with real-time visual status display for system memory, including wired, active, and inactive memory.
  • CPU: It provides real-time CPU load information.
  • System Processes: You can monitor background application processes to analyze resource utilization.
  • Battery Notification: It provides full charge battery notification to prevent over-charging and damage to your battery.
  • Disk Information:You can acquire information about disk space information to find out about your remaining and consumed storage space.
  • Identify Device Information: You can identify the model, UDID,IP address and other information related to your device.

Monitor iPhone

Core Monitor works with devices running iOS 4.0 or later including:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch

Download Core Monitor