Send Anywhere For Android: Share Any Type Of File Via Internet Or WiFi

Send Anywhere is a web service and mobile application for sharing files, apps and contacts in a secure and easy way over Wi-Fi or via the internet. The official Send Anywhere app for Android has recently become available at the Google Play Store. Using the “Send Anywhere” service users can remotely share content from literally all types of file formats. Furthermore, there are various sharing options that can help you conveniently share files such as via email, using a Wi-Fi network or by using a unique input key.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere Web App

The Send Anywhere web app has less options than the Android version. using the Send Anywhere web app you can share a file by simply by selecting it from your computer and getting the sharing link via the Q.R code. To do this simply head over to the Send Anywhere web app, select a file and click on Send File.

Send Anywhere Web App

This will display a Q.R. code that can be used to open the file on your Android device, provided you have the Send Anywhere application installed on it. The Android app for Send Anywhere allows reading the generated Q.R. code or entering the given key to receive the file on an Android device. Likewise, you can send files from Android and enter the key using the web app to receive the files on your computer. During testing I found the transfer rate of Send Anywhere to be extremely fast for both Web to Android and Android to PC transfers (over the internet).

Receive files

Send Anywhere Android App

Alternatively, you can perform the entire procedure by using the Android app alone. The main screen of the Android app displays two option including Send And Receive.

Send Receive Files Using Send Anywhere

Send Files Using Send Anywhere Android App

To send a file, follow these steps:

1. Select Send from the main screen

2. Select the file type to send (e.g. Photo Audio, Video, Contacts, App or File/Folder).

3. Select file (or files) to send and click OK.

4. This will provide you with sharing options to share the file via Q.R. Code, Key, Send the file to PC or to nearby devices. Unlike the web app, you can share files in bulk with the Send Anywhere Android app.

Send Files Using Send Anywhere For Android

Receive Files Using Send Anywhere Android App

Receiving files using the Send Anywhere is easy:

1. Select Receive from the main screen

2. Select a mode for receiving the file e.g. Q.R. Code, Wi-Fi or by entering a key

3. Receive the file

Needless to say, in case you are using the key method, the sender will have to provide you with the sharing key, whereas you will have to make your device discoverable for transfer over Wi-Fi.

Receive Files Using Send Anywhere For Android

Send Anywhere has both a free and paid version available on Google Play. The free version is limited to sharing of 10 different files and 30MB of data in a single transfer. The ads-free PRO (paid) version costs $3.03 and is not limited by the limitations of the free version.

Download Send Anywhere (Free)

Download Send Anywhere PRO (Paid)

Send Anywhere (Web App)