Speed Up Android In A Single Tap With Android Speed Booster App

There are probably dozens of apps on the Google Play store that allow users to speed up their Android device. However, if you are looking for an application that can give your Android device some much needed speed in a single tap, then try Android Speed Booster. This app does exactly what its name suggests, and that too in a most efficient way. Furthermore, the app not only helps in closing background applications, but also provides additional options such as cleaning unused data to increase phone memory, uninstalling apps and more.

When you launch Speed Booster for the first time you are presented with an option to optimize your phone, you can select Skip to bypass this option or click Boost. After the app is launched, the main screen displays four options, including options to boost performance, free memory, protect privacy and uninstall applications.

Android Speed Booster App

The Performance option displays the applications running in the background, you can select and close (Kill) applications to boost up your Android device.


Similarly, the Memory boosting option displays the applications that you can clean memory for. Tapping on a application takes you to the Application Management section for the app, from where you can clear the apps junk files, move it to SD Card (if option is available) and uninstall it.


The Privacy protection feature of Android Speed Booster acts as a comprehensive trace eraser. It provides the option to clear browsing data, call log, search history and even your entire text messages.

Note: Bear in mind that choosing the “Clear Text Messages” option will delete all your text messages (SMS). Do not check the option unless you wish to delete each and every SMS on your Android device, (perhaps for privacy purposes).


The Fourth option on the main screen of this app allows removing applications. It simply lists all installed apps, that can be removed by selecting them and hitting Uninstall.

Remove App

You can also add the Speed Booster widget to your Android home screen for quickly speeding up your Android device.  However, during testing the widget seemed quite laggy. Furthermore, sometimes it takes twice to perform a function in this app. Otherwise the performance of the application was quite efficient. Android Speed Booster Free can be downloaded from the Google Play link given below.

Download Android Speed Booster