Top 6 Voicemail Apps For iPhones You Will Love To Have

Do you own an iPhone? If your answer is a “Yes” then you’re definitely in luck. I’m saying this simply because with iOS App Development Companies you’ve become an esteemed member of the elite group of technology-savvy individuals.

An iPhone is considered as the first-grade technological advancement that has helped people perform multiple activities while on a move. One of the most enticing features of iPhones is the innovative voice-mail system. Although a lot of other popular smartphone manufacturers have duplicated the features of iPhones, the device still stands proud at the number one position on the list of top-ranking smartphones. If you’ve recently purchased an iPhone and want to make the most of its voice-mail system, this is a post you can’t afford to miss. Here, I’ve showcased 6 of the brilliant voicemail apps that are tailor-made for iPhones. So, let me walk you through these apps and you decide which one would suit your needs in the best possible way.

iPhone Voicemail App No.1 – YouMail

YouMail is a fabulous iPhone app that lets you create personalized messages and access your voicemail box. With this app installed in your iPhone, you can easily transcribe voice messages anytime anywhere. With over 5 million active users on-board, YouMail is a fantastic iPhone app that is capable of replacing your traditional voicemail system with a dramatically improvised voicemail service. The latest version of YouMail i.e. 3.0.60 comes with features such as: simplified greetings experience, better handling of ditched callers, ability to call in and check voicemails and many more.


iPhone Voicemail App No.2 – Libon

Initially known as ON Voicefeed, Libon is one of the latest free voicemail apps available in the Apple Store. With this app introduced by one of the Reputable iOS App Development Companies, you can easily record unique voicemail greetings for a person or group in your iPhone address book. In addition, you can even choose to change custom messages. One of the fascinating features of this app is the speech-to-text features that lets you type a message and have it recorded by the app. You may even use this feature for reading voicemails that have been transcribed as texts. To get started with this feature, all you need to do is verify your voicemail number and email address after having downloaded Libon for your iPhone.


iPhone Voicemail App No.3 – PhoneTag

PhoneTag is a tailor-made app specially designed for the convenience of iPhone users who can’t listen to their voicemail messages. Equipped with an advanced technology, this iPhone app converts your voicemails to text and delivers them via emails/text messages. PhoneTag works wonders for the corporate population which often finds it time-consuming to listen to each voicemail individually.

phone tag

iPhone Voicemail App No.4 – HulloMail

HulloMail is another exciting voicemail app for iPhones. This app allows you to control your voicemail system irrespective of your location. Moreover, you can also use this app for replying to your voicemails via email, saving voicemails and leaving a quick voice message for someone without calling up the concerned person.


iPhone Voicemail App No.5 – Visible Voicemail

Avail skilled iOS App Developer for Hire for getting customized Visible Voicemail which is yet another brilliant iPhone app that your device can support your VOIP voicemails at home or your office. With this app installed in your iPhone, you can easily receive push notifications when anyone drops you a new message. This iPhone app serves as a handy tool to avoid missing out on those very personal/professional voicemail messages. Since Apple doesn’t permit apps to run in the background, you’ll be notified about the new voicemail messages via the push notification function. In accordance to your iPhone’s settings, you can choose to receive notifications about new messages within every 15 minutes duration.

visible voicemail

iPhone Voicemail App No.6 – Fusion Voicemail Plus

Say bye to those stringent dialing regimes and hurdles of remembering multiple passwords. Just install the Fusion Voicemail Plus app which allows you to see, hear and even read all your voicemail messages with a single touch of a button. With Fusion Voicemail Plus, you can even choose to receive faxes on your iPhone, send text messages who left a voicemail directly from the app, forward voicemails to others uses on the system and receive a text message each time a caller hangs up without leaving a message.

fusion voice mail

Wrapping Up

Now you’ve them all, the 6 stunning voicemail apps for iPhones. Hope you’d have loved the collection and chosen your pick for leveraging the maximum potential of your phone’s voicemail system. You can also get the assistance of skilled professionals, for getting such apps customized or you feel any technical issues.

If you know of an iPhone voicemail app that hasn’t been covered above, do consider sharing its details with our readers. For this, you may use the comments box provided right below this post.

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