WebApps For WP8 Cures Windows Phone’s Lack of Quality Apps

Web apps aimed at mobile users are really underrated. If a developer has put proper effort into it, a web app can be as good and useful as an ordinary app available in the App Store or Windows Phone Store. A lot of people usually complain about Windows Phone’s lack of good apps, and these complaints are largely justified. But if you take the presence of WP-focused web apps into account, the platform isn’t too far behind its competitors. Most of the popular vendors make their services available as web apps, which means if you look around properly, you are sure to find the exact app you have been dying to use on your Lumia or some other Windows Phone 8 device. Coming across these apps, however, is no mean feat. What the Windows Phone OS needs is a place where users can go and search for the exact web app they want. This place has arrived, a bit ironically, in the form of a WP Store app by the name of WebApps.

Windows Phone Store App “Web Apps”

WebApps has been designed to look just like the WP Store itself, and offers similar features and layout. You can browse through a list of web apps, or search for a particular service using its name. For browsing, the WebApps store is divided into sections like ‘top picks’, ‘new’ and ‘featured’. Since there aren’t too many web apps that are compatible with Windows Phone (at least for now), the apps available in WebApps are handpicked, which ensures their high quality and genuineness.

Web Apps

Get High Quality Web Apps For Windows Phone 8

WebApps lets users keep their favorite entries in the list as bookmarks, or you can pin the service to your Start screen. The available web apps include Gmail, Pulse, Digg and many others that are not likely to arrive in the official WP Store any time soon. These web apps run in full screen mode automatically, and you won’t have to rely on your phone’s IE.

Web Apps For Windows Phone 8

To help with quality assurance, WebApps has a ratings and commenting system of its own, where users of any web app can leave their feedback for the benefit of future users. If you come across a new web app that is not listed in the WebApps store, the app has an option to let users easily contact the developer to update the list.

  • Price: Free
  • Works with: Windows Phone 8 only

Download: WebApps