Why Students Need An Android Device

Android tablets are indeed the “in” thing in as much as students are concerned since it offers the best of worlds, viz., academics and also entertainment. There are major reasons why most students prefer Android operating system powered tablets and smartphones in terms of economy of pricing, portability, ease of operations, dispensation of need for bothersome cellular connections, ease of multitasking using Android and a host of other advantages and benefits.

Nexus 7 - Google

1. Economy: Android phones do not come very costly and can be easily afforded by most students since it is not as expensive as Apple iPads or even expensive brands of Smartphones which do not serve any useful purpose or benefits except high costs. Android OS offers the best of both worlds- usage and adaptability with reasonably low cost and Google technology at the heart of it all.

2. Portability: Lugging a laptop with restricted power would be cumbersome and even inconvenient. Besides battery use is also limited. Android OS could work on Wi-Fi and consumers less power. It is adaptable to most software, especially of Google and is thin and lightweight. It is best for students since its power consumption is less and it could also be used to record and transcribe notes in classroom without any physical efforts of note taking and preservation.

3. Multitasking: Another major redeeming feature is its multi-tasking abilities. It is equipped with dual –core processors or quad -core processors as standard model. This truly empowers them for major tasks and the latest Android OS offers panel access with single tap and the same close could be rendered with single flick of the finger.

4. Improved Notification Systems: The latest models of Android offer a world of improved notifications. The icons are discreetly tucked at the bottom end of the screen and offers services like access to recently used apps, back tracking, going home, access settings wherever you happen to be in OS. In short, users could exercise their discretions on what sort of notifications could be gained on device and is discreetly at bottom so that it does not verily interfere with other functions and uses.

5. No Syncing needed: While there is need for syncing in Apple powered models, this is indeed dispensed with in the Android OS. It works simply as purchase of apps from Android Markets, download in computer and send them to tablet obviating the need to sync with computer each time it is necessary to do so. Besides, it is possible to place widgets of all sizes on large number of home screens.

6. Size does matter and Android size is simple small and handy: Other iPads and tablets are oversized and heavy but Android scores on small size ranging between just 5.3” to 10” and is indeed a midget when compared to iPads which come at 9.56×7.47x 5 inches.

7. High degree of functionality: Students need devices with high degree of functionality and this is very much present in Android with SD card slot, Flash, USB ports and other refined and major features that cannot be gained in Apple products.


Everything said and done, Android tablets do offer best value for money spent and for students who demands more, there are also aspects of high functionality, versatility, highly customizable and changeable aspects which students would be only too happy to possess and use to their hearts’ delight and contentment, both for academic and entertainment purposes. Indeed when compared to competing models, Android powered OS offers best options in terms of use and convenience and could indeed be source of utility and pleasure for deserving students who work so hard to manage and excel in their studies.

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