Are Audiobooks As Good for You As Reading?

Are Audiobooks As Good for You As Reading?

Most people view listening to audiobooks as ‘cheating’ simply because their eyes are not really fixed on the page.

While listening to audiobooks is technically different from reading, this does not mean that it is not as good as reading. 

Many people who love reading books think that listening to audiobooks does not count or promote comprehension.

But this is not true. Readers who listen to audiobooks can attest that audiobooks work better for them than reading.  

Researchers have also looked into this debate and found that there is no big difference in the results of both reading and listening to audiobooks.

In fact, most people who like reading and listening to audiobooks reveal that the latter is more effective in improving vocabulary and highlighting humor in the book. 

So, if you find that you are loving listening to audiobooks more than reading, there is no harm in that. 

Audiobooks Versus Reading: Which is Better?

You may think that listening to audiobooks is a new trend. But the truth is, it existed even in the 1930s. 

For many years, people have been debating about which is better, between audiobooks and reading.

If you have ever searched about reading versus audiobooks, you must have realized that there is a lot of published research out there about the benefits of audiobooks. 

Nonetheless, most readers conclude that a person’s learning style will determine which is better between audiobooks and reading. 

Some people learn best when they listen, and others retain better when they actually read through the pages.

Therefore, we can’t decide which is better. However, listening to audiobooks will deliver many more benefits that cannot be achieved through reading. For instance:

If you encounter a new word and don’t know how it’s pronounced, audiobooks come in handy as you will hear it and know how to pronounce it.  

Audiobooks Versus Reading Comprehension

When it comes to comprehension, some people find that it makes more sense to read than to listen. 

However, there are others with a different take, and for them, audiobooks enhance comprehension. 

Beth Rogowsky, an associate professor and researcher from Bloomsburg University, did a study in 2016 to see the comprehension achieved when reading and listening to audiobooks. 

The study uncovered that there is no significant difference in comprehension between audiobooks and reading. 

If you want to get the most from audiobooks, it is vital to avoid multi-tasking and eliminate distractions. 

Audiobook Versus Reading Speed

Different readers read at a different speed. Some readers are not easily distracted, and they read at higher speeds.

While fast readers claim that the audiobook narrator is slower than their reading rate, this does not mean that physical books are any better than audiobooks. 

Though the mind tends to work faster than the mouth, you can still get distracted easily, which will slow your speed.

But when listening to an audiobook, it is uncommon that your mind will lose focus, especially if the audiobook is interesting. 

Listening Versus Reading Memory

While some people claim that you won’t retain what you learned from audiobooks, the argument is a fallacy.

Several studies have proven that there is no difference in the retention of knowledge obtained from audiobooks and reading. 

Can I Get a Good Audiobook Selection?

Yes, you can find almost any genre and book you want in audiobook. 

Whether you like reading about business, psychology, medical, health and fitness, cookbooks, or fiction genres, you will find such audiobooks. 

You may check to see the best audiobook apps and services. 

Most audiobook apps are easy to use and can be downloaded to your iOS, Windows, or Android within a few seconds.