Xyfi Wi-Fi And 3G Router

A small connection kit

As some mobile service providers starts releasing more and more budget 3G data packs, using them at home or office becomes more popular. A 3G modem is apparently a key, Xyfi of Belgian company, Option, is now available at your local.

Regarding sizes, Xyfi is much smaller than common hotspot modems. It’s just bigger than a USB flash. In fact, Option described it as the world’s smallest personal hotspot because it doesn’t own battery; instead it works on USB electrical outlet (for example, PC or your custom battery pack).

For this small 802.11n router, you can link with 8 devices simultaneously. Plus, Option claimed the maximum speed was 72Mps, depending on your network provider.

Xyfi Wi-Fi and 3G Router

As easy as a piece of cake

Using Xyfi is quick and you will surf the net for 5 minutes. Insert SIM into the device, plug it into USB connector and you nearly finish. Since then, you can install driver or connect with Xyfi Wi-FI hotsot (input network’s name and password inside the box). Xyfi has a trick to connect with nearby available Wi-Fi networks. For example, you can connect Xyfi to you Wi-Fi network at home or office instead of using your own mobile pack. In case the connection fails for any reason, Xyfi re-connects with 3G.

In admin page based on well-designed browser, first you need to set up username and password, from here you can change Xyfi connection’s name and password, as well as Wi-Fi connection configuration.


With a lot of accessories available for Xyfi, our first option is the battery pack which provides 8hour runtime. Sliding Xyfi into the battery pack helps you to carry it along in pocket. There is also car adaptor, ideal for those who are more on way than in office while wall adapter is suitable for home and small business.

Option Xyfi is small, user-friendly and able to accelerate your browsing.

Option Xyfi is small, user-friendly and able to accelerate your browsing,