PS5 restock : When to expect the console to appear at Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon …

The PS5 and PS5 Digital are currently in stock at PlayStation Direct. Though there is a queue for this restock, the wait times are just a couple of minutes at the time of writing. PS5 restocks have been popping up more lately, but the console is still rarely available at major retailers.


Amazon has just kicked off a new invitation system where you can sign up and be a part of a PS5 queue. If selected, you’ll receive an email to a buy link that’s valid for 72 hours.

You can find a PS5 restock at Best Buy more often than most places, though it occasionally requires a Totaltech subscription if you want to get in on one early.


The God of War: Ragnarök PS5 bundle is available in both its disk and digital-only versions at Walmart right now, which is a great way to get your new game collection started with one of the best games of the year.

Restocks happen fast at GameStop, and if you’re a PowerUp Rewards Pro subscriber you can occasionally get access to the console an hour before everyone else.

When all else fails, if you need the console right now regardless of price, the folks at StockX will at the very least protect you from being scammed by someone who never intended to give you a console.