Get Mac Text Editor In Windows With Mac OS X Lion TextEdit

TextEdit is a Mac OS X based open sourceword processor and text editor which comes installed with Mac distributions. TextEdit was a replacement for the old text SimpleText application and is also used with Unix and Linux operating systems.

Mac OS X Lion TextEdit for Windows is a Mac style text editor for Windows which is designed to be an alternative to the Windows default Notepad program. Lion TextEdit is a portable software which  aims to completely replicate the appearance of Mac TextEdit. Such attempts are nothing new as I previously reviewed PhotoBooth andJumpPad (Which is a Launchpad style application launcher for Windows).

Lion TextEdit provides complete functionality of a good text editor and also provides some additional features such as the capability of rolling windows and changing the interface skin.

Mac Style Text Edit

You can roll a window by clicking on the arrow like icon located at the top right corner of TextEdit interface. Such an option can be useful for temporarily rolling out the text editor rather than minimizing it. Clicking on the arrow once more maximizes the text editor once more.

Roll Windows

The interface skin can be changed by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting the skin name i.e. Default or Brushed.

Change skin

The Brushed skin provides larger buttons for the toolbar with more obvious icons to identify each function of the text editor. TextEdit for Windows, does not require any installation on a system and you can launch multiple instances of it. This makes it quite a handy Notepad alternative with stylish skins and window rolling feature, with more feature to come in upcoming versions.


The developer has ensured of making more changes to make this text editor even better. Make sure you provide him with your valuable insight so that he may be able to improve this application further for making it equivalent or better than the default Mac OS X TextEdit program.

Mac OS X Lion TextEdit for Windows can be used with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Mac OS X Lion TextEdit for Windows 

(Post Update: This application has been removed by the developer so we have hosted it on our own server).