Windows Firewall Notifier Helps Easily Configure Windows Firewall

A firewall sets incoming and outgoing traffic rules to protect your from hackers, viruses and other malware agents which may be interested in capturing your credit card, social security and other personal information. As many people find it hard to configure a firewall, therefore, it is often kept off in Windows.

Windows Firewall Notifier is a portable software which makes it easy to configure firewall rules (both inbound and outbound) by working like UAC (User Account Control) for periodically asking about allowing and blocking network traffic.

Once Windows Firewall Notifier is launched, it periodically asks for blocking or allowing incoming and outgoing traffic. You can select a desired option from the given prompts.


This will help you easily configure your Firewall over a period of time.

Firewall Rules

Whenever a connection is blocked, you will get system tray prompts.

Connection Blocked

Windows Firewall Notifier can be disabled by launching the EXE file and selecting Yes to disable the notifier. You will also be provided with the choice to revert back to the default system settings.

Disbale Firewall

Windows Firewall Notifier works on

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Windows Firewall Notifier