Access DropBox Files From Google Chrome Toolbar In A Pop-up Window

Dropbox extension for Chrome lets you access and manage your Dropbox account from a pop-up window within the Chrome browser. Using this extension, you can browse and download files or folders from your Dropbox account and view recent events (such as uploads, downloads, and file modifications), without having to visit the Dropbox website.

You can install this extension from the download link given at the end of this post. Once installed, click on the Dropbox icon next to address bar, to manage your Dropbox account from the pop-up window that appears. This extension secures the path to your Dropbox account by establishing a direct connection with Dropbox website, instead of using any proxies. In other words, it is as if you are accessing your account under the secure environment of the Dropbox website itself.


Dropbox extension for Chrome may be helpful for those users who might find it convenient to manage their Dropbox account from a pop-up window (within Chrome). For example, Chrome OS users do not have direct access to their hard disk and therefore the only way to be able to easily manage their Dropbox account may require either visiting the Dropbox website or using an extension such as this one.

Dropbox extension for Google Chrome