Download News Bento: Windows 8 Metro RSS Feed Reader


RSS feed readers are used by people who like keeping an eye on daily news and updates from various online sources. Many people use Google Reader, Netvibes, RSSOwl and other types of feed readers. As we all know, the Windows Store was launched with Microsoft’s Latest Windows 8 operating system and the available applications at the Windows Store are increasing quite rapidly. If you are looking for a Metro app Continue Reading →

Pin Web Applications To Windows 7Taskbar With Pokki

Pokki is a free software built on the Chromium framework, which allows pinning web applications for instantly accessing and managing online accounts like Facebook, Twitter,Gmail, RSS Feeds and the like from Windows 7 taskbar. Pokki is also available for developers to build pinnable web apps using the Pokki platform. There are resources like the SDK available for this purpose.

RSSOwl Portable Is Free Desktop Feed Reader With Tabs & Browsing Options

RSSOwl Portable is an open source RSS feed reader which provides easy viewing of RSS feeds within convenient tabs. You can import feeds from an XML or OPML file to ensure that you don’t have to collect feeds from scratch. You can even open tabs for webpages from within feeds. Like any RSS reader, it allows adding, organizing, updating and storing information in the form of RSS feeds. It comes Continue Reading →