How To Fix Skype High CPU And Memory Usage In Windows 8

As we all know, Skype is one of the most famous instant messaging and VOIP applications in the world. It is not only a Facebook integrated chat client but a complete VOIP package that has become a need for millions of users. Recently, some users have started complaining that they are facing problems of high system resource consumption by Skype in Windows 8, including an increase in CPU and memory Continue Reading →

Speed Up Android In A Single Tap With Android Speed Booster App

There are probably dozens of apps on the Google Play store that allow users to speed up their Android device. However, if you are looking for an application that can give your Android device some much needed speed in a single tap, then try Android Speed Booster. This app does exactly what its name suggests, and that too in a most efficient way. Furthermore, the app not only helps in Continue Reading →

How To Tests PC Performance For Stress Conditions With StressMyPC

StressMyPC is a portable software which is designed to test your hard disk, graphic card and CPU for stress resistance to help you determine if your system components will do well under stressful conditions, e.g. during heavy gameplay and network load. This can be handy to test the performance of a gaming PC, server or simple a home PC to see if it is giving you true value for your Continue Reading →