Destiny 2 Lightfall Guide – Best ways to get Seasonal Engrams

Destiny 2 Seasonal Engrams

In Destiny 2, seasonal engrams are a great way to get powerful gear and level up to the new level cap. Here are the best ways to get them.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Guide – Best ways to get Seasonal Engrams

Before we begin, we’d like to discuss the changes Lightfall makes to the seasonal engram system.

The first significant change for Lightfall is the way engrams have changed. Previously, umbral engrams allowed players to choose specific items from vendors if they used multiple engrams at the same time. The system is slightly different for seasonal engrams with the Focused Decoding section.

You can still spend extra resources to acquire key items, but the resources expended are different. Instead of stacking multiple engrams, you can simply use Glimmer and Legendary Shards to obtain the desired items.

When it comes to obtaining Seasonal Engrams, the best way is to complete the Queensguard questline. This questline starts the moment you receive your seasonal item from Nimbus on Neomuna. You can follow the questline as it progresses weekly after speaking with Mara Sov on the holoprojector on Neomuna.

Because the questline focuses on the Defiant Battlegrounds playlists, it moves you quickly down the seasonal pass. During this questline, seasonal engrams are often dropped, and completing the questline helped players complete seasonal triumphs, which gave them War Table upgrades and a lot of XP.

These seasonal triumphs are both the best way to get seasonal engrams and seasonal pass XP. Not all of these triumphs, which can be easily accessed through the Quests tab, are related to the Queensguard questline.

Make sure to check out the seasonal triumphs if you want to get the most XP, seasonal progression, and seasonal engrams.

That brings us to the end of our Destiny 2 Lightfall guide on the best ways to obtain Seasonal Engrams.