3 Ways Virtual Offices Are Changing The Workplace

Virtual offices are great examples of just how much the Digital Revolution has changed the world. From our healthcare system to our entertainment media, digital technology has changed nearly every aspect of the modern human life. We use computers to learn, to research, to entertain, and to heal.

In the business world, digital technology has changed not only how we do business, but when and where as well. Here are three ways digital offices are changing the workplace:

Virtual office

1. Advances in wireless technology allow people to take their “office” anywhere.

When land lines, fax machines, and snail mail were the best ways for businesses to communicate,having a physical office made sense.In many ways, it was the most efficient way to conduct business. Employees could send make phone calls, send and receive mail and faxes, hold meetings, and access work-related files all from a central location.

However, advances in wireless technology have greatly reduced the need for a physical office. With an Internet connection and a laptop, tablet or cell phone, you can take your office everywhere you go. Cloud storage allows users to access files from anywhere in the world, reducing the clutter of paper files while eliminating the possibility of forgetting an important document ever again.

Additionally, the increasing use of electronic communication via text and e-mail makes it easier than ever to get in contact with someone. You don’t have to worry about missing an important phone call while you’re out of the office because now you can take the call anywhere at any time. You can sync your cell phone with your email account and respond to messages as soon as you receive them, even if you’re grocery shopping or waiting in line at the bank.

Take your office anywhere

2. Maximizing productivity by giving workers the freedom to choose when and where they work

Studies have shown that the typical 9-5 day may not be the best work schedule for everyone. Indeed, every person operates on his or her own internal clock, and as a result, hours of peakproductivity vary from person to person. Some people work best in the morning, some in the afternoon, some at night. Working online give workers the freedom to work during their most productive hours, which can help improve mood and performance in other areas of life as well.

In a similar vein, not everyone works best in the same environment. Some people like to work with open windows and birds chirping; for others, these are distractions. For some, 67˚F is the optimal room temperature, while others like it a few degrees warmer. One of the benefits of working online is that workers are able to create the environment in which they work best without hindering someone else’s productivity.

With the dual benefits of flexible hours and a build-your-own environment, virtual offices maximize productivity and enable businesses to get the very best from their staff.

Working from home3. A larger pool of applicants makes it easier to hire the best talent

Before online offices, many people’s employment opportunities were limited to the area in which they lived, especially in cities with poor public transportation systems. This was true for businesses, too, as their pool of applicants was often comprised of people in nearby communities. This means that individuals do not always have the job they are qualified to do and businesses are not always able to hire the best talent available.

However, in a digital office, these problems are quickly resolved because location isn’t a factor. With the ease, speed, and widespread use of electronic communication, it’s easier than ever to interact and work with people all over the globe, creating a larger market of jobs for which a person can apply. This, in turn, creates a larger pool of applicants for businesses, helping ensure that companies hire the talent they need and individuals get the jobs for which they are best suited.

In addition to these benefits, digital offices also reduce overhead and environmental impact by relying largely on digital resources and eliminating daily commutes to work. With all of this in mind, perhaps you should consider applying to a digital office or using one for your own business. There are many easy-to-use virtual offices available that offer a number of services – including app integration, multi-screen sharing, and voice and video calling – to help get you started today!

Hire applicants remotely

About The Author: Hayley Irvin is a graduate from University of Oklahoma. At the time she’s not creating awesome content for the Marketing Zen Group & Sococo, she’s learning about space, writing about basketball and thwarting her cats’ evil plans for taking over the world. Catch up with her at Twitter @HayleyNIrvin