Create And Play YouTube Playlists Without Leaving The Current Video With YouTube ListPlayer

Ever wanted to create and play playlists in YouTube without having to leave the current page? YouTube™ ListPlayer for Chrome is just what you need. This Chrome extension enables users to create and play YouTube playlists from a menu next to the address bar, which makes it possible to search for videos according to a single or multiple keywords, create and save playlists, as well as explore your YouTube search history.

Once installed, simply click on the Play icon from the top right corner of your Chrome Browser and enter a keyword (or keywords) to search for a video. In case your query is not limited to a single keyword, then select the “Multiple” option to add multiple keywords. The number of search results that you wish to view can be set between 20 to 80 from the given drop-down menu. This extension provides various suggestions as you type keywords, which can be quite helpful for finding relevant videos.

Create YouTube Playlist

After you have added the keywords, click Search to find your required video and to create a playlist. There are numerous shortcuts and buttons for managing your playlist, for example you can switch to a video by clicking on it, hit  “D” from your keyboard to remove a video, use “K” and “J” keys to move videos (up and down) and right-click to delete the complete list.

Save Playlist

In case you are wondering about the functionality of the 3 buttons on the search bar, they allow you to skip a video (skip), view your saved playlists (Playlist) and to search through your YouTube search history (History).

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The only issue that you might have with this extension are the lack of options for editing playlists. In fact a playlist is saved according to search results performed by the user with the option to delete videos only. It will be quite convenient if the developer adds an option to create a playlist from various search results. Hence, as the developer has rightly mentioned, “YouTube ListPlayer is a simple extension that allows you to generate and play a list of YouTube videos”.

Download YouTube™ ListPlayer For Chrome