How To Directly Upload Videos To Vimeo From Dropbox

Vimeo has recently released some handy new features to enhance its service. Perhaps one of the best features among them include Dropbox integration for uploading videos. I personally tried this feature recently and was able to get my videos uploaded in less than 20 seconds, now how quick is that!

Upload Videos Automatically From Dropbox To Vimeo

Since February 2011 I started making video tutorials for my readers which I usually upload at the WML Cloud YouTube Channel. However, recently I also started the WML Cloud Vimeo Channelwhere I am importing some of my tutorials. Unfortunately, uploading videos can take an awful amount of time and babysitting your video uploads can be quite time consuming and frustrating. Furthermore, any jitters in the network can lead to failed uploads which might mean starting from scratch.


No Need To Wait For Uploads

With the recent Vimeo Upgrade this problem can be avoided as you can simply give Vimeo a path to your Dropbox folder, from where the videos can be automatically imported. The specified videos are imported automatically and you don’t have to wait for the upload process to end since all uploads take place between Dropbox and Vimeo.

No More Waiting


Step 1: To get started, you will first have to connect your Dropbox account to Vimeo and give Vimeo full access and auto-upload permissions (by checking the relevant check-boxes when connecting your account). To connect your account login to Vimeo and go to Me -> My Settings -> Apps.

Connect Dropbox Account

Step 2: After your Dropbox account has been connected, you will be asked to select an auto-upload folder. I named my folder Vimeo (as shown in the below image).

Select Folder

Step 3: Click Upload a Video. Here you should now have the “Choose from Dropbox”option. Click this option and select your specified auto-upload folder and select the videos that you wish to upload.

Choose From Dropbox

Step 4: Now, click “I’m Done Choosing Files”, followed by “Upload Selected Videos”. You should now be able to select at least 5 videos at a time.

Select Videos

This will upload your videos to Vimeo. If you are using the free account, the videos might take up to 35 minutes to render. During the rendering process you can add video descriptions and specify a channel for them so that you can get the job done before hand and by the time the video are rendered, they can be ready for your channel subscribers.

Uploading Videos To Vimeo From Dropbox

As mentioned earlier I was able to upload 5 videos to Vimeo from Dropbox in less than 20 seconds, which probably saved me several hours of laborious work.