How To Revert Back To Old Hotmail Interface From

Recently, Microsoft has introduced a new interface for Hotmail and now you can also access your email via the URL. However, if you have recently changed your interface, then you might have been disappointed due to the lack luster UI that gives an over powering effect on the eyes. Furthermore, the available options to change the UI theme also seem to be quite ridiculous and it is hard to imagine what happened to the wonderful color combinations that we got from Microsoft (e.g. in Windows 7 and the older versions of Hotmail). If you have recently switched to the UI and wish to get back your old Hotmail interface, then see the simple method given below.

When I switched to the new user interface, I expected a lot of good features and a better looking UI, however all I got was eye ache (ouch) and just for the record, I do have migraine. Nonetheless, I was grateful to see the option to revert the changes in Hotmail settings. As shown below, you can simply go back to the old Hotmail interface by clicking on Settings (cog icon) and selecting the option that says “Switch back to Hotmail).

Switch back To Hotmail

And that’s all you need to do to get your easy to view Hotmail interface. It is pretty unfortunate that in the attempt to reinvigorate its operating systems and webmail, Microsoft has ended up creating a mess. This includes the lack of user friendly attributes of the Metro UI that is so hated by new Windows users, who have recently switched to Windows 8, as well as the webmail UI that is just not right.

Hotmail - wmlcloud@hotmail

You can also see the above mentioned process in the video given below. How To Revert To Old Hotmail Interface

Let’s hope that Microsoft does not impose this UI forcefully on users, as I’m sure that might result in a lot of people switching to other webmail services, namely the one that Microsoft is attempting to beat with (Gmail). That said, I’m personally a huge Microsoft fan and have never liked the Gmail UI, I really hope that the Redmond guys can turnaround the tide and get their act together, before its too late.