How To Sync QuickFox Notes Between Firefox And Thunderbird [Tip]

QuickFox Notes is a a multi-tab note taking extension for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. It uses the integrated bookmarks system or a single sqlite database to store notes. Therefore, if you already use a bookmarks synchronization add-on (such as: XMarks) or a file synchronization software (e.g: Dropbox, SugarSync, etc), your notes will be synchronized automatically.

While quick note taking can be handy in Firefox, how about synchronizing Firefox notes with Mozilla Thunderbird? Here is a small tip to help you sync QuickFox Notes with your Thunderbird email client.

Firefox Quick Notes

To synchronize your notes between Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox,

  • Open QuickFox Notes,  go to Tools –> Options and select a folder
  • Then let QuickFox Notes to create database and close QFN.
  • After that, open QFN in Mozilla Thunderbird, select tools-> Options, and specify the same folder which you selected for Firefox.
  • The next time you save your notes, both Mozilla thunder bird and Firefox will use the same folder and hence your notes will be synced.

If you are new to QFN and would like to try it out, then you can get this extension for Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird from the link given below.

QuickFox Note For Mozilla Firefox

QuickFoxNotes For Mozilla Thunderbird