Instantly Share Heavy Files With Facebook Friends With ZipShare

ZipShare is a free web service by the creators of WinZip, which allows you to instantly share heavy files with your Facebook friends by saving them to a third-party server. All you have to do is to go to the ZipShare website (link given at the end of this post), select files to upload and share them to your Facebook wall. The files are hosted for 7 days on ZipShare servers and can be downloaded during this time by anyone. This makes it easy to upload and save files (as heavy as 20MB) to your ZipShare account, with a maximum size limit of 100MB. It is worth mentioning here that ZipShare does not rely on any desktop client and therefore, it can be used from any kind of operating, computer and smartphone, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. All that, with the reliable brand name of WinZip is quite a good deal. Check out below instructions regarding the usage of this easy to use, yet very handy web service.

From the main page, login with your Facebook account and allow access to the ZipShare app.


Now, click Add Files and select files from your system to upload. As mentioned earlier, the maximum upload limit is 20MB, however, you can store up to 100MB of files in your account. All shared files are automatically saved in your account and can be accessed by logging in with your Facebook credentials. Once you have selected the files, click Upload.

Add files

This will start uploading the files to ZipShare servers.


Once the files have been uploaded, you can share them to your Facebook wall.


The shared files can be downloaded by anyone by clicking on the shared link.


If you wish to remove the files before the 7 days pass, then go to Manage section, select the files and click Remove.


Visit ZipShare and start sharing now.

Visit ZipShare