Post Tweets In Multiple Languages With Automatically Translate Twitter Tweets Web Service

Automatically Translate Twitter Tweets is a free web service which enables translating your tweets in multiple selected languages. The process includes logging in with your Twitter account via this web service and  using the available language has tags for automatically translating the tweet in different languages.

Go to “Automatically Translate Twitter Tweets” website and sign in with your Twitter account from “Sign in with Twitter” option.

Translate Twitter Tweets - Google Chrome

Once you login, check out the available tags for numerous languages. Note down the language hash tags which you may require and go to your Twitter account. Unfortunately, there is no redirect option, so you will have to visit Twitter separately.

hash tags

Then next time you tweet, add the required # tag (such as #fr for French). You can add one or multiple hash tags after your tweet to automatically translate it in different languages.


Your tweet will be displayed in the default language and other languages for which you have added hash tags. To translate your Tweets each time, visit and login to your account from the Automatically Translate Twitter Tweets web service and then tweet with the required hash tags.



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