Download Weather Now App For iPhone With Interactive 3D Globe

When looking for a weather apps users not only want an accurate source for weather forecasts but also like applications and gadgets with a visually appealing UI. Weather Now is an iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which displays weather information in a gorgeous UI with an interactive 3D globe.


Like all weather apps, you will require allowing this app to access your current location. In case you do not wish to acquire local weather forecasts, simply skip adding your city and use the search bar in the Cities section to look for weather information for a specific location. The 3D globe of this app displays weather information for all added locations and shows the  current time in all parts of the world. The app gives you the option to add unlimited number of locations to check weather information for.

Weather Now App

Hitting the thermometer icon next to a city’s name displays a badge with the city’s weather details. This Badge is however not available in the free version of the app and requires purchasing the paid version which costs $2.99. In case you add multiple cities from around the world to your watch list, the respective flags of each country (from which a city has been selected) is displayed in a bar below the globe. You can Twirl the globe to see the Sun in the background, as well as the current temperature and time of the selected location. To see more information about a specific location such as the Humidity, Wind Speed, Visibility and Dew Point, select the More Info option. To see detailed forecasts for a location, head over to the Forecast tab.

Weather Information

The free version displays a 2 day forecast whereas the paid version shows a 15 day weather forecast for a selected location.Weather Now is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices and requires iOS 4.3 or later to work. It is also worth mentioning here that Weather Now is optimized for use on iPhone 5.

Download Weather Now For iPhone 5 [Free]

Download Weather Now Pro [Paid]

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